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The Customer Success Performance Index™ looks at the 8 dimensions of best-in-class customer success. It measures your company’s performance across each dimension. It provides a 360° view and baseline of the teams, processes, tools, and relationships that industry-leading organizations have in place.

We are comparing companies by industry, size, age, and performance.Our benchmark report provides a snapshot of 2023 trends across our field. Participants receive a benchmark report comparison with the best-in-class, and uncover concrete steps they can take to move toward a stronger customer success program.

The process will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Participants will receive their benchmark report immediately. Your submission is GDPR-compliant and stripped of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

We are capturing details about revenues and costs from New Sales and Customer Retention activities. Please collect your information before you start your CSPI Benchmark

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The 8 Dimensions of the Customer Success Performance Index™

Alignment: Where is Customer Success in the organization? For instance, how does you Customer Success influence corporate processes and policies across the Product, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Legal teams?

Team: We assess the services and capabilities your Customer Success team provides. For example, are you responsible for Account Management, Professional Services, Training and Onboarding, Support, Sales and Customer Success Management?

Segmentation: Y our customer may not view the world through your eyes. Therefore, we look at your segmentation approach. Do you use internal criteria such as ARR or Industry or do you segment by customer objectives? What decisions and behaviors are triggered by your segmentation?

Playbook: Your Playbooks could contain many steps, scenarios, and events or just a few. How do you apply your Playbooks across the customer journey to capture the maximum LTV? Do you standardize your set of Playbooks? Is your customer involved in mapping their customer journey?

Resources: Your customer’s success depends on the resources that you provide. You could have too many or not enough, or not the correct ones. How do you manage and apply knowledge of best practices, how can customers learn how to configure and use your solution to maximize their value? Who in your company is responsible for the creation and marketing of Customer Success-specific artifacts?

Onboarding: How are you helping your customer to ramp up to full productivity? Do you have paid services, partners, DIY guides, self-help sources and communities to cater to different needs and expectations?

Relationship: On one hand you want to engage with each of your customers. On the other hand you have limited resources. In other words, you could spend too much, not enough or not at all and wait for the customer to reach out to you! Above all, how does your customer determine that they are achieving the expected value?

ROI: How and when do you demonstrate that your solution generates value. Are you capturing in-app telemetry, use data from your CRM, Helpdesk, Marketing Automation systems and external feeds? Do you have specific playbooks for scenarios that indicate excellence or churn. Do you leverage predictive analytics or your CSM’s gut feeling? How focused are you on your customer success and your profitability?

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